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prompt meme

stolen from [personal profile] amber

prompt me!

leave a quote, a song, a kink, an image, a scenario and i'll flesh out either something written. a mix or something graphic for it. double dip, triple dip, quadriple dip - go ahead. i just wanna get some creativity flowing.


sherlock holmes [ bbc, ritchie, acd ] + elementary, a song of ice and fire, marvel cinematic universe ( + related : tasm & xmfc ), young avengers, inception, clamp, white collar, teen wolf, doctor who, kick-ass and prometheus.
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"what a moron!"
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When I walk on by, girl's be lookin' like: Damn he fly
I pimp to be beat
Walkin down the street in my new lafreak
This is how I roll
Animal print pants, out of control
It's Redfoo with the big ass fro
And like Bruce Lee, I rock the club, yo!
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