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Hey you guys!

First off I'd like to apologise for totally being MIA.

RL has me l seriously swamped at the moment and I totally need to get my shit together because my activity has been the grossest thing. I've had a lot going on RL wise, my rping has suffered for it and this has seriously been way overdue. What I've been doing has seriously been not cool.

On a personal note - like we've had like a recent death in the family coupled with all the form fixing I've been doing for the US trip and the whole promotion vs finishing school thing. RL has been gross and stressful. I honestly haven't had much time at all to be anywhere.

So this sort of means I am dropping games for now. As much as I love all the CR I have and i cherish all the threads and interactions. This is superhard for me to do and I sorta need to bite the bullet. It's honestly not something I can keep up with and that's gonna stand till around august? Cause I'll be in the US from mid June to like late July.

Then I guess I'll play it by ear after.

Sorry for being a total fail whale. :(

That said, thank you guys for keeping up with me and you guys should all stay fabu.

When things sort of clear up - I'd be more than happy to have museboxy shenanigans or spammy ic inboxing but for now I'm gonna throw in the towel.

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